The Insurance Industry is a Pandemic and Recession-Proof Industry

The Insurance Industry is a Pandemic and Recession-Proof Industry

The pandemic has rocked every industry, leaving many unemployed and looking for new career choices as their old industry is suffering. When people start to look for a new career path, there’s one requirement that weighs heavy in every decision - “is this a pandemic proof industry?” We in the insurance industry have been incredibly fortunate, as many of our independent agents have faired well during tough times, solidifying the fact we are a  recession and pandemic-proof industry

What Makes Insurance a Pandemic Proof Industry?

campaign-creators-pypeceajezy-unsplash-1-1No matter what the country’s economic situation, people need insurance. In fact, during uncertain times, the necessity and importance of having insurance become a safety net not just for individuals, but businesses, as well. It’s at times such as these that people are grateful to have insurance that will help to protect their most valuable assets such as family, home, business, vehicles, etc. When everything else seems unstable, insurance is the one constant that you can rely on to get you through the worst of times. This has been true during the pandemic and it was true during the recession. 

Becoming an independent insurance agent will also allow you to take back some control over your future. When you’re surrounded by uncertainty, it can be important to take your future and your success into your own hands, making you feel like you are actively taking control of your life and taking steps to get back a sense of stability and normalcy. 

Being independent does come with some risks and challenges. Ours is a pandemic and recession-proof industry, but it takes time, dedication, and some start-up cash to find your footing in the insurance industry. That’s where AAI can help. When you join our group, you will get the guidance, advice, and training to hit the ground running, setting you up for success. 

Become Part of a Recession-Proof Industry

If you're looking for a career in an industry that has proven itself both pandemic and recession-proof, consider a career as an independent insurance agent. Feel free to visit our Home page and browse through other pages on the website. 

If you have any queries and want some additional information on how to use our platform, get in touch with clients, etc. feel free to contact us.