Should You Help Your Clients When Filing Insurance Claims?

Should You Help Your Clients When Filing Insurance Claims?

As an insurance agent, it is your job to provide your clients with accurate information, guidance, and details about the different insurance products available. This approach will help them make better decisions about the policies that will work best for their situation. However, there is a limit to how much hand-holding you need to do, and helping clients file insurance claims is a bridge too far.

Knowing when to say no is a critical aspect of being efficient and effective. When it comes to client inquiries about filing claims, you as an agent need to step back a little. Don’t ignore the fact that clients are in a fragile state when in the process of filing a claim; don’t abandon them in their time of need, but you need to draw the line between recommending filing a claim and where to turn,  and guiding them through the entire claims process.

Building and Improving Client Relations 

couple-meeting-with-insurance-agent521x308Since you are their insurance agent, it is your duty to advise them whether it is in their best interest to file a claim. You should provide them the guidance and advice on whether and how to file a claim, but the claims process is time-consuming. Keep in mind that you, as an independent agent do not have any sway or pull in a claim’s outcome, and your time is better spent helping clients with needs that are within your power to control. 

Where you can be helpful to your client is by helping to evaluate the situation to determine whether your client should file a claim or not. If after proper research and assessment you have determined that they should file a claim, refer your client to their service provider’s claims specialists. The representatives there would be able to guide them on the exact steps to follow to file their claim and move through with the entire process.

Time is Precious, Spend it Wisely

Many clients are quick to contact their insurance agent when it comes to filing a claim. They do not realize that this aspect is outside the purview of your responsibilities. However, when you are helpful with guiding them at a time like this, they will recognize that you have their interests in mind. 

Another good way to help your clients is to be proactive with providing information about how to avoid claims. Tell them how they should maintain safety around their homes to avoid accidents and protect themselves against liability. 

Any client would appreciate this effort and it will help in improving client relations. Feel free to visit our Home page and contact us with any queries you have.