Marketing Techniques For Your Independent Agency to Dominate Local Market

Marketing Techniques For Your Independent Agency to Dominate Local Market

Sales are what propels an independent insurance agent forward. Without consistent sales, you will stagnate and have no revenue or future. As an independent agent, you are your own best marketing tool. You are the brand and the face of your agency. However, sales can be significantly increased and streamlined by taking advantage of the latest marketing techniques

A well-planned and well-implemented marketing strategy will help you regularly generate and sustain a solid client base that will continue to bring your independent agency more sales, and more clients.

Some Marketing Techniques to Follow 

graphicstock-cropped-image-of-a-young-woman-typing-message-on-smartphone-and-drinking-cup-of-coffee-in-cafe_buk_ujrhl-1As an independent insurance agent, you know how crucial it is to increase your sales. Every agency has a sales funnel; a process put in place to effectively create awareness that steers your clients down the sales funnel, ultimately resulting in converting a prospect into a loyal client. Getting prospects starts with a great marketing plan. Creating brand awareness is the first step to converting prospects. 

In the modern marketplace, you need to have an online presence if you want to make your mark. It can help you maintain visibility and ensure that prospective clients find you when they are looking for insurance. The best marketing technique targets your ideal clients in their natural environment. Today, there’s one place where every client spends a great deal of time, and that’s online. A solid online presence is the best marketing tip we can give. 

No matter who your ideal client is, they will have one or several social media accounts. Social media is the common denominator among all clients from millennials to boomers. Of course, they may engage differently on various platforms, but they are all there, just waiting for you to reach them. If the name of the marketing game is to be where your clients are, you need to be available and active on social media. 

Another point worth noting is that everyone expects you to have a profile online. If you cannot be reached via Facebook, Google, or other social media channels it will make your agency seem out of touch, so don’t cut your agency off at the legs by ignoring social media as a marketing tool. 

Understanding your local audience and community

Once you have a profile on social media, it’s time to engage with your audience. While everyone is on social media, your clients will all be engaging differently. Research your ideal clients and find out how they like to be engaged online, and what they are searching for so that you can provide them with the right information, and use the right language and communication style to reach them. 

Being in touch and involved with your local community is another great marketing tip. Insurance is a personal business, the insurance you provide for your clients has personal value. The more you can relate to your clients on a personal level, understanding their lifestyles and their business in the local landscape is a great way to attract and generate new leads. 

Focus on customer needs; be consistent with your marketing and proactive with customer service. This will help you become a successful independent insurance agent. For more information, contact us or visit our home page.