How to Evaluate Your Ideal Client

How to Evaluate Your Ideal Client

When it comes to the insurance industry, you can’t survive without clientele — but no one wants to be stuck with clients who aren’t worth their time. As your business grows, you will see more and more people from different professions and walks of life looking to partner with you and buy insurance — but that doesn’t mean you should just take them all on as clients, no matter how tempting that may be. How do you know if someone is going to be the kind of client you want in your business?

What Does an Ideal Client Look Like? 


There are many different types of clients, but every one of them has some variation on these traits: they have strong financial metrics (low debt and high net worth), won’t be time-consuming (meaning they won’t call a lot or require too much handholding), and will need multiple policies.

Recognize the importance of each potential client's goals and where they are in their lives. Are they seeking a single policy at the lowest price, or do they want to build a comprehensive portfolio that covers all aspects of their lives, both professionally and personally? If you think a client is very demanding and that you'll be spending a lot of time serving them but never building their insurance portfolio, you should reconsider if they're a suitable fit for your agency.

What Kinds of Questions Should You Ask?

The basic questions around what policies your potential client needs are a given, but there are a few others you should be asking. Find out if they have made any claims. Ask about their experience with their current insurance carrier. Learn more about their current policy, such as how long they’ve had it, what’s covered, and why they’re shopping around for better rates/coverage. 

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