3 Tips to Be More Attractive Than Your Competition

3 Tips to Be More Attractive Than Your Competition

As an independent insurance agency, one of your biggest challenges will be standing out from the crowd and showing consumers why they should choose you over the other agencies in your city. But don’t panic — just because there are other insurance agencies doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the competition and attract new clients! Here are three tips to help you be more attractive than your competition:

1) Build Your Reputation With Social Proof

As a small business, chances are you don’t have an endless budget for advertising. But if you can get positive reviews on sites like Google Business, Facebook, and Yelp, your clients will start coming through your door on their own. Don’t leave those reviews to chance — you need to ask your clients for feedback and encourage them to be honest with their comments. Take care of clients even if they don’t give feedback. One thing consumers love is good customer service — it shows that you care about their experience at your agency.

2) Become More Credible in Order to Build Trustronda-dorsey-ZoVR7mPHMGo-unsplash

One of, if not THE most important factor in establishing your agency’s credibility is what you do before meeting with a potential client. Whether you’re working one-on-one with a client, or pitching to an insurance carrier, it’s imperative that they know your business exists. Your online presence is a great place to start - be sure you have a professional website, established social media channels, and that you are listed in local directories. 

3) Wow With Customer Service

When people want a product or service, they often look for it locally. When a local provider has great customer service and provides high-quality products, there is nothing better than word-of-mouth advertising. Customer service is what keeps clients coming back. Make sure that you have satisfied clients so that they can spread your name and increase your revenue stream.

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