The Insurance Industry Offers Career Longevity

The Insurance Industry Offers Career Longevity

The insurance industry is a promising one with constant demand and a never-ending stream of potential clients. Insurance is a dynamic industry that is always evolving. The insurance industry has proven time and time again that it is both recessions -, and now, pandemic-resistant. In short, the insurance industry offers career longevity, which is an attractive trait in a volatile market and uncertain times. 

Why the Insurance Industry Offers Career Longevity 

Insurance is one of those rare industries that are both constant, and changeable. Constant because the need for insurance never changes, the demand only grows stronger. Changeable because independent agents are always finding new ways to improve their processes and practices, ensuring our industry evolves to meet the current climate and the needs of the people. 

Constant evolution makes insurance a career choice with longevity and unlimited potential.Open Insurance Agency

Pandemic and recession-resistant industry

Industries that are resistant to major events that impact the economy have always been in high demand. These events range from the recession in 2008 to the current global health crisis. We are proud to say that most of our agents have fared well through both events, proving once again that our industry is tough.

Staying strong through tough times

Major global events and a big shift in the economy make people feel vulnerable. Independent agents have a unique opportunity to provide much-needed assurance in people's personal and professional lives. 

We understand that agents are also feeling the pressure from major global events and it can be difficult to navigate how to approach new prospects and retain existing clients who are going through financial or personal hardships. Affordable American Insurance provides a network of professionals who all work together as a team to make sure that we all succeed, even thrive through good times and tough times.

When you join AAI, you’re independent, but never alone.