Social Media Materials for Independent Insurance Agents

Social Media Materials for Independent Insurance Agents

You need to cultivate your brand to grow your business, which means creating content and building a social media following. Creating and sharing valuable and relevant content on social media takes time. Time that is not always available to busy independent insurance agency owners. Fortunately, insurance carriers are vested in your success, so they have ready-to-post social media materials for independent insurance agents to share with their audience. 

Benefits of posting materials provided by the carriers are:

  • Save time creating content
  • Save money hiring people to create content
  • Grow your audience by providing relevant answers and solutions
  • Grow brand awareness by being a thought leader and industry expert
  • Strengthen relationships with carriers by promoting their products

Using curated social media materials for independent insurance agents 

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Digital marketing, particularly social media, is about building a strong brand identity, meeting the needs of your audience, and becoming a credible source of information. The problem many agents face is finding the time to write and share information on social media and the web or finding resources to hire a social media manager. 

Don't waste any more time staring at a blank page trying to write the perfect post, include the right graphics, photos, and information. The goal is to help your audience understand the benefits of insurance, and who better to tell them than the insurance carrier themselves?

Insurance carriers want to make it easy for you to promote and sell their products. Plus, they have the resources to create beautifully designed and curated social media content with graphics, photos, tips, graphs, research, and beautifully organized information that will benefit clients. Take advantage; it’s not cheating. If you succeed, they succeed.

Non-insurance related content

Your social media content should be part insurance information, part non-insurance-related content. You need insurance-related information to attract prospects searching for insurance and to keep existing clients informed. However, you need to cultivate your brand identity to keep your social media community engaged and active. 

Non-insurance-related materials strengthen your brand and communicated your values, mission, and company culture with your audience; it personalizes your brand. Insurance providers recognize the value of non-insurance-related content to connect with their audience, and so should you. 

Sharing social media materials created by the carriers, whether insurance or non-insurance-related, perfectly aligns with our philosophy at Affordable American Insurance: you are independent, but not alone.

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