Redesigning Your Agency to Allow for Social Distancing

Redesigning Your Agency to Allow for Social Distancing

Creating a safe and healthy environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. Both clients and your employees are itching for some face-to-face human contact, but they need assurances that it’s safe to show up at the office or meet you in in-person. Creating a safe environment in the current climate is all about keeping your employees and clients healthy. Priority number one is to rethink your office layout to allow for social distancing.

Social distancing

Make sure all employees are working at least six feet apart. If you do not have the space to change the layout to comply with social distancing rules, consider staggering your employees so that not everyone is in the office at the same time.

If employees don’t feel comfortable coming to the office or are a high-risk individual, let them continue to work remotely.

In-person client meetings

Group of happy young  business people in a meeting at officeMeeting with clients in person is the best way to build a rapport and a more personal relationship with a client. For some types of insurance, like life insurance, meeting your prospects in person makes it easier for you to present all their options and explain each policy’s value. Make sure that you have a comfortable area to sit with your clients where you can both remain a safe distance apart.

Masks and plexiglass dividers

If you cannot keep everyone 6 feet apart but need everyone to be in the office, consider getting plexiglass dividers between desks or getting custom masks with your company logo. Being responsible and considerate of people’s health doesn’t mean you have to waste a good branding opportunity. Masks can be both practical and also be a fun and useful client giveaway.

Cleaning and disinfection

It has quickly become the new normal to greet clients at the door with disinfectant. Put a little effort into how you display a bottle of disinfectant. Make it presentable. After all, it will be one of the first things clients see when they come to your agency.

Make sure your professional cleaning service puts extra effort into cleaning and disinfecting the office regularly.

At AAI, we encourage all our agency owners to take steps to ensure clients and employees enter a safe and healthy environment. Caring for clients and employees is not only the right thing to do; it is good for business. Social responsibility will make a big impression on potential clients and help boost your brand image.

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