Online Networking Is More Efficient Than In-Person Networking

Online Networking Is More Efficient Than In-Person Networking

Two years ago, arranging online networking events seemed inconceivable. Surely, in-person interactions would lead to more valuable connections? We've learned from the past two years of remote working and online events that we can get just as much done - if not more - by connecting online as in-person. If you're still not completely comfortable navigating the new normal, let's talk about how to hone your online networking and communication skills.

Online Networking Expands Your ReachWith the rise and efficiency of technology, combined with a global pandemic, it was only a matter of time before we normalized online networking. We didn't think the switch would happen under such dramatic circumstances, but here we are.

If you are a member of a local networking group, you may have already participated in online networking events or attended online seminars and conferences. However, the online world is vast, and there are many opportunities to grow your network. 

Don't resist change. Embrace it.

Work on developing your online skills. Take advantage of new opportunities to grow your agency and professional reputation. 

Perfecting Online Networking Skills

First, you have to establish an online presence. Social media has provided access to many more networking opportunities, communities, and prospects that would otherwise be hard to reach. 

Where to network online:

  • LinkedIn
  • Social Media
  • Message Boards on Professional Networking Sites

Benefits of Online Networking

digital-sustainability-tech-carbon-footprint-gre-2021-09-02-11-46-34-utcUtilizing the internet to network with other professionals will save time, money, and is much more efficient. While it's essential to build a profile in your local area and build relationships with local partners to increase referrals and grow your client list, online platforms are expanding the borders for professional networks. 

Positioning yourself as a leader means educating yourself and always looking for new and innovative marketing and business tactics. Reaching out to professionals who can expand your knowledge and industry insights is incredibly valuable. 

We're all much more closely connected thanks to technology and the internet. Now you can share insights and knowledge with industry leaders across state lines, even across the globe, learning from and lifting each other up.

Online Networking Tips

If you want people to think of you as a leader and a valuable asset to their professional growth, you need to act like a leader. 

Join and connect with online communities and professionals to help achieve your business goals. Do your research on the people and groups you are connecting with online. Make sure that you can add to the conversation and be a trusted source of information. 

Networking is a two-way street. If you are hoping to take something away, make sure you also bring something to the relationship. Never show up to a networking event - online or in-person - empty-handed. Never jump into a conversation online if you can't add value. 

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We're always telling agents to work smarter, not harder, so when an opportunity presents itself to use fewer resources for the same results, we want everyone to take advantage. 

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