Joining a Networking Group: Why it's Essential for Your Insurance Career

Joining a Networking Group: Why it's Essential for Your Insurance Career

Networking, as an aspect of your career in insurance, is one of the most important things you can do to both find work and grow your business. The insurance industry is complex and the best way to succeed in it is to build a strong network of relationships with key players. However, it can be hard to know where to start or even how to define what you’re looking for in a networking group or association. Here are some resources to get started.

Why You Should Join a Networking Group

Building relationships with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs can accelerate your agency's growth. Joining a local chapter of a networking group allows you to forge strong professional relationships and share referrals, but also helps elevate your presence in the local community, build a strong brand reputation, and gain credibility with your local audience.

Types of Networking Groupsphoto-1560439514-4e9645039924-1

As an insurance agent there are two main types of networking groups you should consider, a casual contact networking group and a strong contact networking group. Both provide access to information that most people don't have, and connections with high-level decision makers in the local area. A lot of networking involves just showing up--it won't happen if you don't go--but make sure you have made an investment in attending before signing up with any organization.

Casual Contact Networking Group

Casual contact networking groups gather many local professionals and business owners who can mingle, share insights, and often, referrals. This is a great first step to meeting like-minded professionals and making a name for yourself in your community. There are no big commitments to these casual groups, but they can be a valuable resource.

Strong Contact Networking Groups

These networking groups require more commitment from their members, typically a weekly engagement, and they only allow one person per profession or industry. The specific focus of a strong contact networking group is to share referrals. Being a part of this type of networking group can be highly competitive, but the gains are invaluable. This type of group, also called strong contact referral groups, is exclusive and highly sought after, so make sure you have the time and the drive that it will take to be a profitable member. Keep in mind that to be a member, you have to bring in prospects for other members, just as they will be bringing in prospects for you. 

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