How To Sell More Home Insurance In Your Local Market?

How To Sell More Home Insurance In Your Local Market?

Selling home insurance means that you need to be able to get access to new homeowners. As an independent agent you already have a leg up, as you are intimately familiar with your local market and your local community, this is also your home and you can bank on those qualities to find a more personal connection to new homeowners.

How to Get in Front of New Home Owners?

New homeowners are looking for a house in a neighborhood that they want to call home. It’s a personal experience and a big investment. Your biggest sales point is that you know, love, and understand the neighborhood. You know the threats that homeowners face in your area, you know how to find the best policy. The personal touch is always a big selling point, especially for first-time homeowners. There is also potential to increase business with new homeowners, as you can refer them to products that can protect not just their home, but all other personal insurance needs. Before you can upsell, you need to get yourself in front of potential new homeowners.

  • core-values1 Understand Your Client – The first step is to understand your target demographic. Agents can conduct some in-depth research to come up with a customer profile. Does your local area have more retired professionals? Is it popular with young families? Does it have more landlords leasing their homes to college students? Understanding the target audience will help you develop a customized marketing strategy that is more likely to lead to conversions.
  • Understand a Client’s Concerns – Selling more home insurance is easier if you understand a client’s primary concerns. Is the location prone to wildfires? Does it experience frequent hailstorms or snowstorms? Does it have a high crime rate and recurring break-ins? Understanding these risks will help you find the most ideal insurance policy for homeowners.

Focus on a Wide Range of Targets

While targeting new homeowners is an effective approach, it is important to explore other avenues as well. Consider reaching out to real estate agents, homeowners associations, local businesses, financial lenders, and other such entities. Forming partnerships with parties that interact with homeowners regularly will help you get more leads. You can get more visibility for your brand, establish a strong presence, and earn people’s trust.

A broad marketing approach helps insurance agencies reach a wider audience and utilize the power of word-of-mouth recommendations.

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