AAI Agents Don't Have To Worry About Getting New Carrier Appointments

AAI Agents Don't Have To Worry About Getting New Carrier Appointments

Insurance agents can only sell policies if they authorization from insurance providers. New professionals often find getting carrier appointments challenging because it involves proof of past performance, a lot of hard work, negotiation, and networking. Platforms like AAI offer resources and support that insurance agents can benefit from, including carrier partnerships with the best and most competitive insurance companies available.

Benefits of Starting an Independent Agency With AAI

How to get carrier appointments is one of the biggest worries a starting agency has. Fortunately, AAI does most of the legwork for you in that department. Not only do you get access to our A-rated carrier partners, but you also get a roadmap to a successful agency that leads to higher retention and close ratios.

Office SpaceHere’s a look at some of AAI’s biggest benefits:

  • New insurance agencies get access to a vast network of more than 50+ popular carriers.
  • AAI keeps an eye on emerging carriers and goes through the process to acquire them.
  • The company will analyze new insurance providers carefully, looking at their products and services before seeking their appointment.
  • They will determine if these new providers would benefit AAI agents or compete too heavily with other options.

A Roadmap to Succeed as an Independent Agency

AAI provides everything an agent will need to succeed. We set you up with essential tech and training to streamline and run your agency more efficiently. Our roadmap to success includes strategies and tactics that lead to higher retention ratios, as well as 60-70% close ratios. We make sure that you don’t just have access to the most sought-after and competitive insurance carriers, but that you know how to make the most of every appointment, providing your clients with the very best personal and commercial insurance products available. Providing access to competitive insurance carriers is just one step towards setting our member agents up for success.

Contact us to know more about access to carrier appointments, and much more. You can discuss different options with a team of passionate, experienced, and qualified professionals.