Choose Brand Colors to Represent Your Independent Insurance Agency

Choose Brand Colors to Represent Your Independent Insurance Agency

The new year is a popular start date for entrepreneurs and captive agents to take a leap of faith and start a business. While you’ll need to create a business plan, marketing plan and take care of all the practical elements, you’ll also need to think about your brand and logo. Creating a logo that embodies your values and personality is the fun part of starting a business. However, you need to choose brand colors wisely to make the right impression. 

Choosing Brand Colors

Color is often the main identifier for your brand and the first thing that consumers connect with and remember. Certain colors can elicit specific reactions from consumers. Understanding the psychology associated with various colors can help you create a brand that has appropriate emotional connections. 


Appropriate Colors For The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is a serious business. Choose colors that respect the insurance industry while also adding the right personality to your brand. Qualities that embody the insurance industry are trust, confidence, care, and professionalism. 

Blues - have associations with trust, strength, dependability, and professionalism.

Greens - have associations with health, care, growth, and vitality.

Inappropriate Colors For The Insurance Industry

While you can have fun with your logo, you want to avoid dominant logo colors that are too “fun and playful,” like yellows and oranges. Similarly, avoid colors that are too aggressive, like reds. Use these colors as accents, but using them as a dominant logo could create negative associations or a disconnect between your mission and your logo. 

The Right Color For Your Brand

Finding the right colors for your brand is the combination of respecting your industry, showing off your personality, and connecting with your target audience. When playing with colors and design, ask yourself if the colors are appropriate for your industry and audience and if they show off your personality.

Testing Logos and Colors

Because colors are subjective, it’s important to get outside feedback on your logo before you commit. Put together a focus group of friends and family, ask on social media networks, and get feedback on various color combinations and designs to ensure that you make the right impression with brand colors. 

Your logo is going to represent your independent insurance agency forever, so don’t rush the process.

How to Start an Independent Insurance Agency

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