Why It's Smart to Start a New Business At the Beginning Of the Year

Why It's Smart to Start a New Business At the Beginning Of the Year

The new year is approaching, and we’re all getting ready to start fresh with renewed purpose. January signals a new start, and there are infinite possibilities, so many entrepreneurs start a new business at the beginning of the year. Besides the psychological and emotional benefits of starting something at the start of the year, there are also a few business benefits. 

Start A New Business At The Beginning of the Year

While there are many reasons for entrepreneurs to start a new business at the beginning of the year, we should give a small disclaimer. Starting a business before you are ready to hit a January benchmark is not a good idea. 

That being said, let’s look at the benefits of starting a business at the beginning of the year: 

  • A great benchmark for a new business
  • Setting long-term business goals
  • Setting short-term business goals

Benefits of Starting A New Business In January


The best place to start is at the beginning, so why not start at the beginning of the year?

January is a wonderful benchmark to have for a new business. When you start and run a business, you’re going to have a lot of balls in the air. Having an easy benchmark to refer to as you grow can be helpful.

Setting long-term business goals for the year is easier when you start in January, and you have a full year to implement strategies, collect data, tweak and update. By starting in January, your first year will encompass every season, giving you a great snapshot and overview of how your business performs throughout the year - including seasonal metrics and data.

Similarly, setting short-term goals is also easier. You can neatly break down long-term goals into quarterly and monthly goals to help keep track and always ensure you are moving in the right direction and wisely allocating your time and money. 

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