Worry-Free Access to 55+ Carriers with AAI

Worry-Free Access to 55+ Carriers with AAI

If you’re an independent agent, you probably already know that gaining new carrier appointments can be one of the biggest challenges of running your own agency and agency growth. You might have experience with setting appointments with individual carriers, but once you have enough clients, it becomes impossible to set enough appointments by yourself to manage your business’ growth and keep your clients happy. This is where AAI can help!

Skip the Hassle

In order to offer an insurance policy, one needs to first be authorized by an insurance provider. Getting this authorization means meeting a number of requirements, such as proof of past performance, negotiations, and marketing. AAI saves you that hassle because we do the legwork for you. Not only do we provide you with our exclusive A-rated partner carriers, but we also give you carrier access to success strategies that result in higher retention and close ratios for your agency.

How AAI Benefits Your Agency2nd AAI-2

AAI provides insurance agents with resources and support, including carrier connections with the best and most competitive insurance providers. Here are some of the most significant advantages of AAI:

  • Access to a network of 55+ popular A-Rated carriers
  • AAI monitors new carriers and goes through the acquisition process for you
  • AAI analyzes new insurance providers and thoroughly investigates their products and services before acquiring them
  • We determine if these new providers would benefit AAI agents or compete too heavily with other options

Join AAI and Experience Growth

AAI gives an agent everything he or she needs to succeed. We provide you with the necessary technology and training to help you streamline and run your agency more effectively. Our success plan includes techniques and methods that result in increased retention rates and 60-70 percent closure rates. We ensure that you not only have access to the most sought-after and competitive insurance carriers but also that you know how to make the most of every visit, giving your clients the most comprehensive personal and business insurance coverage available. Access to competitive insurance carriers is simply one step toward ensuring the success of our member agents.

For additional information on carrier appointments and other services, please contact us. You can discuss different options with a team of passionate, experienced, and qualified professionals.