3 Qualities You Need As An Independent Insurance Agent

3 Qualities You Need As An Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance agents have a critical role to play. They assist consumers in making important decisions about insurance products such as casualty, car, life, disability, business, health, and others. Not everyone possesses the qualities required to be a successful independent insurance agent. If you want to work as an independent agent in the insurance sector, consider the following qualities to see if it's the right fit for you.

Excellent Communicator

One of the most crucial components of becoming an insurance agent is being able to communicate effectively. Clients rely on you for advice and information on the numerous policies available when they come to you with their needs. A key part of this is staying up to date with industry news and insurance plan revisions. Your clients want to feel that they can count on you to find the best coverage for them while staying within their budget.


When you are dealing with clients, they need to feel confident that they can trust you as the protection of their most valuable assets is in your hands. A big part of establishing trust is by being reliable and transparent. Your clients must be confident that the advice you give them is appropriate for their situation and needs.


Being approachable is another key quality of an independent agent so that your clients feel like it is easy to reach you. Maintaining consistent hours and providing multiple ways to contact you are both excellent strategies to accomplish this. People today lead very busy lives and while insurance is important for them, it isn't always top of mind and they want to be able to reach you whenever is convenient for them. You must be accessible and available as an independent insurance agent to meet the demands of your clients.


Ready to Become an Independent Insurance Agent?

If you feel like you have the qualities needed to become a successful independent insurance agent, we can help! The executive team at Affordable American Insurance can provide all the support you need to make a successful transition from captive to an independent insurance agent. Contact us today and learn more about the benefits of owning an independent insurance agency.