The Modern Approach to Onboarding Clients for Insurance Agents

The Modern Approach to Onboarding Clients for Insurance Agents

The old approach to onboarding a client was brief: send the new client a welcome email, follow up with a call a few weeks later, and then send a reminder to renew. Modern customer onboarding must include a long-term strategy for fostering loyalty in addition to offering a fantastic user experience that is quick and simple. Here are three ways to develop an onboarding new client process that gives clients confidence in their choice.

A Welcome Email is Still Valuablepexels-photo-789822

A welcome email is still a fantastic way to kick off the onboarding process since most clients prefer email for customer support. To optimize your time, welcome emails should be automated, but that doesn't mean they can't also be personalized and encouraging.

Include engaging, unique content that establishes the basis for a long-term connection while demonstrating how thrilled your company is to welcome a new client. In addition to wanting to feel valued, your new client wants to learn more about their coverage, how to submit a claim, and what to expect in the future. Giving clients the resources they need to make the most of the new relationship is crucial, whether you do this by including a getting started guide or a link to your FAQs page.

Retention-Centric Mindset

Once your client feels welcomed and assured that they have made the right choice, you should focus on how to retain them for the long term. Automated marketing allows you to set up an onboarding campaign that strengthens the new relationship over time. Consider a follow-up email that expands on your offerings, introduces your employees, or provides pertinent industry news.

Ask for Referrals Right Away

When a new customer feels welcomed and confident in their decision, that is one of the ideal times to ask for a referral. Asking for referrals early on can help you produce quality leads, provide you another chance to engage with your client, and help strengthen your new relationship.

Keep Customers Informed

The last thing you want to do when onboarding clients is to start strong with a welcome email and follow-ups and then let communication fizzle. On-going email campaigns will keep your clients informed, and feel appreciated, whether your business shares an interesting local story, healthy living advice, or other pertinent information. 

The client onboarding process for insurance agents is essential. When you do it right, you can boost customer retention, create leads, and provide long-term value to your clients and your business. AAI can help when you're ready to bring your client onboarding process into the modern age. Contact us today to discuss how.