The First Step to Marketing Your Independent Insurance Agency

The First Step to Marketing Your Independent Insurance Agency

The first step to successful marketing is preparation. There are many steps to signing a new client and making a sale; it’s a process and requires strategic thought and implementation. Let’s look at the preparation that goes into creating a strategy and marketing your independent insurance agency. 

Marketing your independent insurance agency

Every great strategy, whether it’s a business strategy or marketing strategy should begin and end with your mission statement. Your overall goals and objectives should drive your marketing. While much of the focus of a marketing strategy is aimed at targeting the right clients, every marketing campaign should always be rooted in accomplishing your mission. 

Preparation for a marketing strategy

Before you can get into the nitty-gritty details of a targeted and strategic marketing campaign you need to have a few fundamentals ready. The fundamentals will help define your message in all campaigns. marketing-manager-making-marketing-distribution-ch-SBX94N8 (1)

Write a mission statement

Spend some time cultivating a strong mission statement that clearly states why you are the best solution to their problems and why you can offer more value than the competition. If you can’t explain why you deserve their business and why you are the best resource, why should clients trust you? Consumers are savvy researchers, and with the rise of technology and the internet, they’ll quickly move on if they feel that you are wavering in your mission statement. 

Create a media packet

Consistent messaging, tone and style reinforce your brand identity and increase recognition and recall. A recognizable brand inspires confidence and trust with clients and builds positive associations with your brand. 

Create a media packet that clearly defines your message, style, tone, and language to ensure consistency from campaign to campaign. 

Measurable and achievable goals

Finally, prepare a marketing calendar that incorporates your business goals. Define measurable and achievable goals, as well as the best format, timeline, intention, resources needed, and budget. 

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