Setting New Year's Business Resolutions to Achieve Growth

Setting New Year's Business Resolutions to Achieve Growth

Happy New Year! We’re sure you have a long list of health, fitness, wellness resolutions, but what about your boss goals? You’ve already run the reports and created new marketing and business plans for the new year. Now it’s time to set some personal business resolutions to achieve growth. 

Business Resolutions to Achieve Growth

Your boss moves help to achieve your goals. Take a look at your process and communication as a boss and find areas where you can improve. Here are a few business resolutions that every boss should consider to better achieve your business goals.

Delegate More

businesswoman-leader-in-modern-office-with-busines-2021-08-26-20-00-11-utc (1)As a boss, you are responsible for the big picture; that all actions are moving towards a larger goal. While you are a part of creating the overall business and marketing plans, ensuring that all campaigns and projects are in line with your business goals, it is the job of your team to handle the day-to-day. 

We know you have raised your agency from the ground up, but the best and most efficient bosses know how to let go and delegate tasks to the right team or team member. Your time is better spent ensuring that your team is on the same page, tactics, and marketing align with overall business goals and that your team has the resources they need to succeed. 

Hiring and Outsourcing

Review your current team and third-party affiliates. Identify areas where you are weak and determine if you have the right team in place, or if outsourcing is more effective. 

Outsourcing areas like accounting and digital and traditional marketing is a great use of resources, freeing up time for you and your team to focus on areas where you are more effective. 

Regular Team Meetings and Reviews

When everyone gets busy with minutia and daily tasks and deadlines, it’s easy to push aside team reviews and meetings. As a boss, you should be in charge of scheduling and preparing regular team meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page, has the resources they need to succeed, and quickly identify problem areas so you can make changes and fixes. 

Anytime a deadline has passed or a marketing campaign has ended, it’s important to take time to do a team review. The only way you can improve and grow is if you take time to analyze past campaigns and marketing efforts to improve performance on future campaigns. 

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