Problem-Solving Skills That Will Make You a Better Leader

Problem-Solving Skills That Will Make You a Better Leader

Traits Every Problem Solver Should Have

A lot about being an entrepreneur has to do with problem-solving. You require a skill set that helps you overcome many obstacles, from conflicts with employees to operational challenges.

When you start your entrepreneurial journey, learning to deal with whatever problems might come your way can seem somewhat overwhelming. Over time, you will develop the skills you need to face those challenges, or maybe you already have. Here are the top traits of a problem solver that will help you be a better leader.

Great Verbal Communication

Excellent communication is essential for any entrepreneur. It makes collaboration so much easier. It involves the ability to fluently express the reasons behind their decisions, not being afraid to delegate tasks, speaking up when needed, and even the ability to establish a middle ground between two conflicting parties.


To be able to resolve problems, you first need to want to solve them. Showing initiative and having a helpful attitude is the first step toward conflict resolution.


Problems may come from different areas, and they might seem like they're resolved but eventually come back, which can be frustrating. Not giving up on them is a necessary trait to finalize problems successfully. It's not about trying the same approach several times but to come up with other potential alternatives.

Critical thinkingCritical/Creative Thinking

Thinking outside the box is one of the main traits of any problem solver, as well as analyzing evidence to find the root cause of any given issue to find different possible solutions.

Effective Listening

The desire to help should be backed up by the willingness to take the time to listen to what people have to say. Listening should be active, impartial, and empathetic.


Being open-minded is imperative if you want to open yourself up to new opportunities and embrace change. You might hit rocky spots in your journey, but learning how to deal with them will enable you to find the way out and keep moving forward, rather than getting caught in the stress of the moment.


For some people, these skills come naturally, while others might need to put in a little more work to develop and strengthen them. As you start your own business, you will need to prepare yourself to be the best leader you can be. Take time to analyze yourself. Which of these skills do you need to work on the most?