Improve Performance with Good Office Space Design

Improve Performance with Good Office Space Design

Tips to Boost Your Agency's Productivity with Good Office Space Design

Whether you are just starting your independent insurance agency or have been running yours for a while, your office space design is something that deserves to be thought through. The way your office space is set up can impact your team's performance, so if your office design is not appealing, it could hurt a lot more than just a first impression.

Creating a beautiful space for you and your team doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five things to take into account when you're thinking of office space design:

Make It a Pleasant Place to Be

Let's face it. Your office is almost like a second home, so you want to make sure it's somewhere you and your staff enjoy spending time. Brainstorm with your team to come up with ideas. Place some healthy plants to bring in the green. Have coffee and tea available and maybe some fresh fruit. That way everyone has things handy to take a quick break during the day.

Put People Together

Collaboration is essential in any business. If you have teams that have different responsibilities, put them together. Design areas that make it easier for people with similar interests and tasks to work together and collaborate.

5 Tips to Boost Your Agency's Productivity with Good Office Space DesignBe Wise When Choosing Wall Paint

The wrong wall color can be very distracting. Colors can impact your mood and your brain's ability to do things. Avoid loud colors and instead, choose something soothing or something that will promote focus and productivity. For instance, the color blue promotes calmness and boosts creativity. If you want to add pops of color, you can do that in accessories or even office supplies, by choosing bright-colored pens and notebook, or maybe a bright-colored coffee mug.

Allow Natural Light In

Nothing shuts you off more than the feeling of being in a closed-off environment. Natural light in an office space is essential. It can increase creativity by 15%, improves your mood and promotes the feeling of well-being. So, open up the windows and let in the light.

Encourage People to Move Around the Office

Sitting on the same chair all day long is not good for your health, and it can certainly impact your productivity. Place break rooms with tasty snacks in strategic places so that your team is motivated to get up and walk away from their desk a few times a day.


Taking care of your work environment and your team members will enable you to deliver excellent quality service to your clients consistently. Have you started your own business yet? It's time! Join AAI today.