Marketing Strategies to Increase Homeowners Insurance Sales

Marketing Strategies to Increase Homeowners Insurance Sales

To sell homeowners insurance, you need access to homeowners. Independent insurance agents can gain a competitive edge by researching the market and local area. Understanding the profile of the homebuyers in your area is key to creating a marketing plan to works best for your agency. Consider the following strategies as you develop your approach.

Marketing to First-Time Homebuyers

New homeowners typically shop for a property in a community where they envision themselves living. This is a significant financial and emotional commitment on their part. Your familiarity with the area is a prominent selling feature. You're familiar with local homes' dangers and have the expertise to locate the most satisfactory coverage. Particularly for first-time homeowners, a property with a personal touch is appealing because of its uniqueness. If you recommend insurance policies that cover not only their property but also their belongings, you may be able to increase business with these first-time buyers. The goal is to network your way into contact with potential new homeowners before you can sell to

Know Your Customer: In other words, learn the ins and outs of your target clients. Knowing who you're trying to reach is the first step. Agents should consider doing extensive research to develop a typical client profile. Is there a more significant percentage of retired professionals living in your area? Do many young families choose to live there? Is there a higher proportion of landlords renting to students in this area? Once you have a firm grasp on who you're trying to reach, you can craft an approach to marketing that is more likely to bring about a positive return on investment.

Know How to Put Yourself in Their Shoes: If you can address your customers' top worries, you'll be able to sell more homeowners' insurance. Is there a high risk of wildfires there? How often do you get snow or hail there? Is there a lot of crime there, such as frequent burglaries? Insuring a house properly requires an understanding of these risks.

Keep a Broad Focus

Although reaching out to first-time buyers is a good strategy, you should consider alternative networking options. Contact local realtors, HOAs, companies, banks, and other financial institutions. You will increase the number of leads you receive by connecting with organizations with frequent contact with homeowners. Networking with these groups will also increase your brand's exposure, profile, and credibility.

When it comes to marketing, there are numerous options--more holistic strategies such as word of mouth and modern online strategies such as ad campaigns. We recommend focusing on a wide range of options, trying things quickly, and getting rid of them just as fast if they don't work. 

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