Enhance the Digital Client Experience To Increase Conversions

Enhance the Digital Client Experience To Increase Conversions

In-person connections and personalized client services are just two components of what separates an independent agent from the big corporate insurance agencies and online digital marketplaces. However, you can’t escape the rise in digital marketing and communication. Every independent insurance agent and entrepreneur should put time and effort into making the digital client experience as great as the in-person experience. 

Enhancing the Digital Client Experience

young-real-estate-consultant-explaining-her-client-43WERL5A professional website ensures that you can be found by interested parties searching online for your services and is often the first impression you get to make. It is essential for every independent insurance agent to have a dedicated website that promotes and communicates your value and separates your agency from the competition.

The digital experience should be an extension of the in-person experience. The better you understand your audience and their needs, the better the digital experience.

How can you personalize and design a website experience to reflect the value you can bring and convince clients you are the right choice? 

Knowing Your Audience

Once an interested prospect lands on your website, they immediately start to form opinions. It is vital that your website is a clear representation of your products and services, but also makes a personal connection with every visitor. 

Design your website, layout, and content to speak to the needs and pain points of your target audience. Prove in clear and simple terms that you are the solution to their problems. 

Improving Website Performance

Take advantage of technology to keep improving your website’s performance and audience behavior. Several analytics tools, like Google Analytics, can show you exactly how your audience interacts and behaves on your website. 

If you’re getting a lot of visitors, but are unable to convert leads, there could be a disconnect somewhere on our site that turns visitors off and drives them to other sites. Analytics can pinpoint exactly where on your site, what pages, and at what stage of the decision process they are dropping out. Make the necessary changes, either yourself or in consultation with a third-party digital marketing company to optimize and improve your website's performance and convert more leads. 

ADA-Compliant Website

elizabeth-woolner-9xxNZCJZ8bA-unsplash (1)Your information, products, and services should be as easy to access and utilize for differently-abled people without delays or inconvenience. A poorly designed website is a nuisance for everyone but creates distinct barriers for people with disabilities. Take the necessary steps to ensure your website is ADA-compliant. Many state and local government websites are required to be ADA-compliant, and we're sure that private websites are not far behind, so get ahead of the curve. Besides, ADA compliance shouldn't be about the law, it should be about inclusivity.

One example and a common web problem for the disabled is the use of images, graphs, and charts. While these are highly effective at creating a pleasing aesthetic and making hard-to-understand information more accessible, they pose a significant barrier for people who are visually impaired. You don't have to eliminate images from your site, but you do have to include a descriptive text that provides a visually impaired person with the same information and experience as a person with visual acuity.

Work with your website developer to include ADA-compliant features to make your site 100% inclusive and accessible to all. 

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