Build a Killer Brand to Boost Your Agency

Build a Killer Brand to Boost Your Agency

A Successful Business Starts with a Strong Brand

Selling insurance might be what you do, but it is not who you are as a business. Starting an independent insurance agency and running it, is not just about having the right products and services, it goes beyond that.

Establishing a strong brand is just as important as all the other elements that create an agency —maybe even more critical. It is the feeling the people will get when they think of your business, and how they will recognize you even before they do business with you. Before you start building the four walls of your agency, work on its core. Build a strong brand that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Define Who You Are as a Business

What is your essence? What is your business really about? What are your values and what do you stand for?  That is the core of your brand, and the message you want to share with your audience because it is how you want to be recognized. Not just selling insurance because you’re not the only one doing it, but your brand identity is what sets you apart.

A Successful Business Start with a Strong BrandTake Time to Build Trust

One-time transactions don’t keep you in business. It’s all about generating long-term relationships with your clients. Be upfront and honest to them 100% of the time, be attentive to their needs, provide top-quality service, keep on-going communication, and try to be involved in your community. All of it shows that you’re there for them and not going anywhere.

Be Social

Social media is a great way to reach your target audience and stay in touch with them. It’s the new way to communicate, and your business should embrace it. It not only shows you’re adaptable; it also shows you’re looking for new ways to be closer to current and potential clients.


Everything that’s worth something takes time to build. Invest in developing a strong brand that keeps you top of mind, and makes you stand out from the competition. Start by joining a business development and consulting member association like Affordable American Insurance, and take the first step into a successful career as an independent insurance agency owner. Join AAI today!