Is it Time to Leave Your Captive Agent Job?

Is it Time to Leave Your Captive Agent Job?

As a captive agent, you’re working in the best interests of the insurance provider, which is not always in line with the needs of the client. While there is safety in a captive position, there is limited room to grow. If you’re feeling stuck and daydreaming of ways to advance your abilities, it might be time to leave your captive agent job for greener pastures in the independent world. 

Signs you’ve outgrown your captive agent job

A few obvious signs that you’ve outgrown your captive job is the lack of inspiration, motivation, and drive. For too long, these feelings have been normalized when it comes to working. Fortunately, we’ve turned a corner and are starting to prioritize work that has value, both financially and spiritually. If you’re not happy at your job it will start to spill into your free time and it might be time to leave your captive agent job.

Plateauing and low conversion rates

Leave Your Captive Agent JobAs a captive agent, you are a glorified salesperson and account manager. You are limited in the products you can sell and are, therefore, limited in your ability to serve your clients. The inability to provide the right products that benefit a client's needs will show in your low conversion rates.

Let’s be honest, many captive agents tend to get stuck at a 20% conversion rate and that’s being generous. The nature of the captive job is restrictive, but plateauing at such a low rate is infuriating, even if it's not your fault. Insurance has tremendous potential to be a lucrative career and provide life-saving benefits to clients. Unfortunately, a captive job does not afford you the freedom to search multiple carriers and policies to find the one that has the most value to clients and bring up those conversion rates.  

Tapping into your potential

If you spend a good portion of your day at your captive job daydreaming about doing things differently. If you are tired of having a cap on your potential and want to be of greater service to clients, it’s time to leave your captive job and transition to the independent world. 

Becoming an independent agent opens up new possibilities for growth and the potential to make changes in the way we sell insurance and serve clients. 

Take a chance and start on a career path that gives you energy, empowerment, and unlimited growth potential. 

Start an independent insurance agency

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