How to Use Digital Tools to Maximize the Customer Experience

How to Use Digital Tools to Maximize the Customer Experience

Clients today expect the same personal attention and service regardless of how they interact with your business. By using digital tools to offer unparalleled client experiences, you can build brand loyalty, increase sales and boost your bottom line. Let’s look at four ways you can achieve these goals.

Customize the Digital Experience

According to Sailthru, the average American owns four devices and spends more than 60 hours weekly on their screens. This means that businesses have the opportunity to optimize mobile apps and social media for traditional and mobile devices to ensure a seamless and customized customer experience. 

Optimize Interactions

While social media makes communication more efficient and engaging, some businesses struggle with responding to questions, concerns, or comments promptly. According to HubSpot, 80% of customers expect businesses to respond to their posts within 24 hours. Consider adding a live chat option to your website, as HubSpot also found that 79% of people prefer to engage with a live chat over social media because of the faster response time.

Emphasize Privacy

In the insurance industry, privacy is critical. You should inform your clients about your security measures to set them at ease and maintain their loyalty. People expect their personal information to remain private and will be reassured when you outline how you protect it.

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The modern client expects to receive quick, personalized service, and insurers are expected to offer cohesive experiences to meet those expectations. Customer-centric technology that supports exceptional service levels will help insurers engage with their clients positively and efficiently and vault over the new bar of customer expectations.

According to Hubspot, ninety percent of Americans use customer service to determine whether or not to do business with a company, and 93% of customers who receive excellent customer service make repeat purchases.

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