How to Find Good Ideas for Infographics

How to Find Good Ideas for Infographics

Infographics are a great way to provide a lot of information in an easily shareable format. Unfortunately, people don’t want to share things they already know. Creating a proper infographic means choosing a unique topic, presenting well-researched facts and adding your personal touch. If you aren’t sure how infographics can help your independent insurance agency grow, use some of these useful ideas.

When to expand your independent agency Infographics can be as complex or as simple as you need them to be!

Start with Brainstorming and Research

Infographics are shared because they present the audience with unique information. Try putting yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about the things they care about. Once you have a good idea of what your audience wants, relate it to insurance. You can easily target individuals in all buying stages using an infographic. Research potential topics and uncover exciting information that stands out.

Look at Statistics

Including statistics in your infographics is a great way to reinforce the information you are presenting. Use significant percentages and numbers to draw attention to relevant facts. Include at least three numbers in your presentation, but spread them out evenly in the image.

Choose an Attractive Theme

Readability is important. You don’t want people to click away because you chose a small font or poor color scheme. One of the best tips for entrepreneurs is to explore multiple layouts, colors, fonts and background images. You don’t have to match your infographic to your brand’s regular theme.

Include Your Logo

Your final infographic might not look like the rest of your brand’s images. While the content should be consistent with your brand, the infographic itself can be a little more unique. Include your logo and a website address on the image. That way, no matter how far the image travels across the web, it will always come back to you!

Get More Great Ideas for Infographics

There are thousands of topics you can discuss using infographics. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to find the interesting information you need to build a creative, engaging infographic. Contact us today for more information.