How Core Values Help You Succeed as an Independent Agent

How Core Values Help You Succeed as an Independent Agent

Core values help define your agency's mission and are crucial in forging strong client relationships. There is a lot of competition out there for independent agents; what sets you apart is your ability to connect with your clients on a deeper, more personal level. Personalizing your service by connecting with clients on shared core values will help you succeed as an independent agent.  

How to Define Your Agency’s Core Values

Mission StatementThese deeply ingrained principles should serve as cultural cornerstones in your workplace. They can never be compromised for convenience or economic gain. A big thing to understand is that clients want to support businesses that share their core values. Authenticity is key. Don’t pretend to care about something because you think it will reach more clients. 

However, core values aren’t about imprinting your personal beliefs on clients. They’re about who you are as a member of a community and what your mission is as an independent agent. Core values represent the impact that you hope your agency will have on the community, and they are neatly woven into your brand identity when branding the agency. It’s a part of who you are, it is the reason you got into this industry to begin with. Clients want to connect with you on a deeper level, not just on the products they buy. Insurance is a personal industry, you have to know and understand each clients’ unique situation professionally and personally. Reaching them on a human level with shared values will build trust and confidence.

How To Show Your Core Values

It’s simple. Don’t just write about your core values in your mission statement, show clients that you practice what you preach. Make your core values play out in the actions that you carry out in your community. Give back to your community, support initiatives that occur within the community, and be active. This can be done through sponsorship of local events, providing advisory services for community members, or charitable means. Building a successful brand requires a strong presence, and starting in the community builds trust from the ground up. 


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