Evaluating Business Strategies: Turning Weakness Into Opportunity

Evaluating Business Strategies: Turning Weakness Into Opportunity

Much of marketing is about how well you evaluate a business strategy. Evaluation gives insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to react and make changes that save you money and help you achieve your business goals. While embracing innovation is great, we turn to an oldie but goodie: The SWOT analysis when it comes to evaluating business strategies. 

Evaluating Business Strategies With a SWOT Analysis

There’s no reason to invent the wheel when there’s been a tried and true method available. Turn your weaknesses into opportunities using the SWOT analysis. It’s a strategic and organized method to break down your processes and marketing, learning from your strengths and weaknesses.

The SWOT analysis breaks down into four categories:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Improve Marketing Performance


Anytime you implement a new marketing strategy, campaign, or promotion, run your idea through the SWOT analysis. Do this with your business as a whole or with individual strategies to ensure your efforts are optimized, and you stay competitive.

You’ll know where to focus your time and budget and where to pull back, always making the most of your resources. 

Turning Analysis Into Actionable Strategies

By applying an organized method to analyzing your business, you can look objectively at your strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities and threats, look for ways to improve on the things that are working and turn your findings into actionable strategies.

Once you’ve identified each of the four areas, it’s time to see how you can use strengths and opportunities to propel your business forward and apply your findings to future growth strategies. 

Collecting data

Use the data to drive your analysis. Data collection is vital to give a realistic and unbiased overview of your successes and failures and allow you to fill out your SWOT analysis easily. 

Implement Data-Driven Growth Strategies for Your Insurance Agency

Affordable American Insurance offers a proprietary dashboard for our members specifically designed to help independent insurance agents collect the data they need to implement data-driven growth strategies. 

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