Essential Experience to Open an Independent Insurance Agency

Essential Experience to Open an Independent Insurance Agency

During the pandemic, many employees began to see the attraction of being independent and owning a business. When the world is chaotic, being independent is a way to gain back control. Because the insurance agents have faired well during the pandemic, we understand the attraction to this industry. Before taking out a second mortgage, let’s talk about the essential experience you need to open an independent insurance agency. 

Becoming an independent insurance agent

Suppose you have at least two years in the insurance industry, either as a captive agent or as a producer for another independent insurance agency. In that case, you have the experience you need to go independent. 

Entering the insurance industry

young-real-estate-consultant-explaining-her-client-43WERL5If you are new to the insurance industry, we suggest that you look for a job with a major carrier or another independent agency to gain experience, insights, and knowledge of our industry. Working for another company is often what sparks the decision to become independent. You start to see gaps in the industry, client needs that aren’t being met, and processes that you want to change; you’ll start to formulate a business plan and a mission statement for your own independent agency. 

You should also consider if you have the right attitude and personality to be an independent agent. You'll need great communication skills, sales skills, and be organized and ambitious. 


A high school diploma is essential. Beyond that, a degree in business, finance, and marketing will be attractive to insurance carriers and agencies. However, if you’re savvy enough and have experience in the workforce, a formal degree is helpful but not be necessary. 

Ready to become an independent agent?

We know it’s a scary first step, and many practical things need to be taken care of before you open an agency. That’s why Affordable American Insurance came to be; to help agents transition from captive to independent. We embrace the concept of being independent and encourage agents to do things their own way, try new methods, and influence our industry with innovation and creative marketing while still working together to succeed. 

By joining AAI, you get a turnkey business model, access to tools and technology, and a network of independent agents to help you grow bigger, faster, and more efficiently. 

With AAI, you are independent but not alone! 

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