Disasters Don't Wait, Neither Should You: How to Help Your Clients Prepare

Disasters Don't Wait, Neither Should You: How to Help Your Clients Prepare

As weather and natural disasters become more frequent and powerful, it's important to be ready to help your clients recover in case they're hit by something unexpected. For some of your clients, this may mean developing more comprehensive insurance policies. For others, it may mean creating new disaster recovery plans so that they can get back up and running with as little lag time as possible after these disasters strike. The following are tips on how to help your clients recover from disaster so that you can ensure their safety and livelihoods both now and in the future.

Understanding Common Disasters & Risk Areas

Though it can seem impossible to plan for every single disaster, you can start by understanding common types of disasters that have impacted nearby communities and specific areas. If a major storm swept through your area and caused widespread damage, what would happen if a similar weather event struck again? What steps could you take now to help your clients recover faster in case of a future catastrophe?

Build Your Knowledge Base

When a natural disaster occurs, first responders and victims, themselves don’t have time to wait for you to come up with an answer. It’s important that your team be as well-prepared as possible in every way. By doing thorough research before disaster strikes, your team will be more able to help clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Set Client Expectations

It's important for you to sit down with clients and talk about your plan for what would happen if a disaster hit. Layout in black and white what they can expect from you, how long it could take before they see any benefits, and what costs they might incur while waiting.

Analyze Risks & Develop Recovery Plans

Many agents are hesitant about discussing potential disasters with their clients. But if your client is in a high-risk area it’s a good idea to create a plan for how you will assist them if disaster strikes. Discuss any natural hazards that could affect your client’s home or business. Offer information on how to develop safeguards and emergency food storage systems.


Stay Informed About Industry News

An important component of helping your clients recover from disasters is having a handle on industry news. For instance, you may not be aware that some personal liability policies do not cover floods or earthquakes. If there’s one thing we can say about natural disasters and government regulations — they never stop changing. Since you want to help your clients recover from any disaster situation as quickly as possible, it’s essential that you stay informed with respect to industry news.

Review Client Policies and Identify Underinsured Customers

After reviewing your clients’ policies, talk with them about their insurance coverage. If they don’t have enough coverage or if their company doesn’t offer adequate disaster-related policies, they need you to help them find a new plan that will protect them and their families.

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