Become an Independent Agent: A Roadmap to Success

Become an Independent Agent: A Roadmap to Success

When you leave a captive job to become an independent agent you open up new opportunities for growth and increased profits. That being said, it’s a scary step for insurance agents to move from captive to independent agents. One of the main reasons that captive agents hesitate to become independent agents is the fear of being alone and taking on all the responsibility that comes with being the boss and running a business.

Overcome fear and become an independent agent

Many captive agents who are seeking to transition to being independent are doing so because they have hit a plateau and are frustrated with their limitations and being stuck doing the same things the same way, over and over. As a captive agent, you are bound by the norms and culture of the company you represent. Much of that frustration comes from being limited by your products and an inability to provide clients with the insurance they need because you are stuck with the insurance products you have. We get it. 

TeamworkOne of the reasons Affordable American Insurance (AAI) was founded was because we saw the need to change the way our industry was run. Being an independent insurance agent means you have a chance to influence the future of our industry. This brings us to the most exciting aspects of opening an independent agency; the chance to change the industry, to affect real change from client relations to marketing to networking and lead generation. At the very least, you’ll finally be able to provide real value to your clients. 

We want to take away the fears of transitioning from captive to independent so that you can realize your dreams and start living up to your full potential.

You Don’t Need to Do It All By Yourself

You might think that when you start an independent agency, you have to figure out everything for yourself by trial and error. It doesn’t have to be that way at all. With AAI you are independent, but not alone. 

We make it easy for captive agents to transition to the independent world. At AAI we provide you with a network and team of business-savvy professionals in order to give you a roadmap to success. 

When you become a member of AAI, we’ll provide you with valuable training, tools, tech, and carrier access that will help you start your independent agency and give you an instant competitive advantage.

Our proprietary dashboard, available to all members, gives you the ability to analyze your business and hit the ground running. This highly effective tool allows you to see which growth strategies are working and which are not, speeding up your agency’s growth. Access to analytics allows you to work smarter and more efficiently. 

Expert Support on Your Road to Success

Don’t let fear hold you back. Reach out to us today about joining AAI, and let’s turn your dream of starting an independent agency into a reality.