4 Tips to Boost Your Agency Productivity

4 Tips to Boost Your Agency Productivity

Running an agency can be hectic, and with the challenges faced in today's work environment, it can be hard to stay organized. However, streamlining how you utilize your customer relationship manager (CRM) or agency management system (AMS) can save time and keep your agency organized. If you want to create an environment that encourages productivity and organization, here are four ways to boost your agency productivity today!

Connect Your Data

By connecting records at as many points as possible, you can avoid data silos. For example, connect the client to their policy, their policy to the agent, and the agent to the commissions with your AMS. This is one of the main benefits of selecting an insurance-specific AMS as it allows you to connect these record types. Having all this data connected allows anyone on your team to look at any of these records and see the complete picture.

Create Entry Standardsphoto-1552664730-d307ca884978

To create an environment for reliable data it is essential to create standards for entering data into your CRM or AMS. Abbreviations, misspellings, and other errors that result from manual data entry can skew your data and reduce its accuracy. Once created, these standards should be shared with the team. 

To encourage consistent data throughout your system, go a step further and use drop-down menus whenever possible. An excellent example of this would be lead sources. Creating a list to choose from when entering or editing a new lead will keep this consistent.  

Automate Wherever Possible

Automated workflow tools can make your life easier, but identifying ways to use them can feel overwhelming. Instead, start by identifying the processes you want to make more efficient by writing out the organizational flow. This will create a clear picture of where you could sub in automated communication. Policy renewal tasks and reminder emails, lead follow-up, client welcome emails, and onboarding are a few places to start when automating workflow.

Make Education a Priority

The AMS or CRM software your team uses is constantly evolving, so it is crucial to prioritize education. Make it a priority to regularly attend webinars, explore learning resources, and encourage your team to share tips or tricks. 

Partner for Growth

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