3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

3 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the biggest sources of website traffic outside of search engines. While posting on a business page is excellent, there are many other ways to capture leads using Facebook. As an independent insurance agent, you should try multiple Facebook marketing methods and analyze the results. Here are three ways to pull in Facebook traffic.

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Facebook’s paid marketing program is a great way to gain attention in a competitive marketplace. If you have already completed your keyword research, you should have no issues getting the targeted traffic you need. Use the analytics tools to monitor the performance of each ad. If you need to, hire a graphic designer to create an attractive shareable image.

Start a Facebook Group

While you probably have a Facebook Page for your business, starting a group can help you gain a following of people in your industry. The group page can promote your business, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your group. Instead, think of a general topic, such as insurance. Post any relevant blog posts and spark conversations about the industry to gain loyal traffic.

Make Your Insurance Posts Public

As a business entity, you have no business posting private posts. Whether you are sharing links on your personal profile or adding crucial information to your business page, people need to see what you write. Even the posts in your Facebook group should be as visible as possible, even if the group requires membership to post or comment.

Get the Most Out of Your Facebook

At Affordable American Insurance, we want every independent insurance agent to be successful on social media. Learning Facebook marketing techniques is an easy way to boost visibility and build an online brand. Contact us today to learn more marketing tips for entrepreneurs.