3 Types of Sales Trigger Events to Spark Conversations

3 Types of Sales Trigger Events to Spark Conversations

Are you looking for innovative ways to jump-start conversations and engage with prospects and clients? Trigger-event marketing is one of the best solutions to generate leads and drive agency sales. It involves using events as a source of content to reach out to your target audience. In this blog post, we will discuss the three main types of sales trigger events that can help you spark engaging conversations with potential customers. With these strategies, you will be able to build a strong customer base and take your business to the next level.

Personal Events

Agents can use personal trigger events, such as prospects changing companies, winning an award, or celebrating a significant career milestone, to send congratulatory notes. These types of personal trigger events are great for showing your clients that you care about their personal and professional successes. Not only does it demonstrate that you're genuinely invested in your relationship with them, but it also gives you the opportunity to re-engage with them and keep the conversation going. 

Business Events

By taking advantage of events that occur in the course of a business's operations, you can create a touch point that speaks to your prospect's achievements. Types of business trigger events can include clients who were awarded a new project, breaking ground on a new building, recognition by being recognized as a corporate donor, and other significant business milestones. 

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook help you identify business and personal trigger events. In cases where you need more time to peruse social media, setting up a Google Alert can let you know when your prospect, client, or business is in the news.

Industry Eventsphoto-1616587224026-668840f26916

Industry events are a broad category and can refer to both the client's industry, as well as yours. In addition to changes in the legal, legislative, or regulatory environment, these events can also include weather events, new case law, or industry-specific trends.

Industry triggers can also be categorized as predictable and unpredictable events:

Unpredictable events occur without notice and can include a business-related issue or a weather catastrophe. These events present a timely opportunity to address coverages, limits, and expectations of policy performance.

Predictable events in the insurance industry include when a policy will renew or when an audit will occur. When an agent knows their prospect's renewal date, a time-sensitive message can be created to bring awareness about common errors and business challenges that could arise.

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