3 Tips to Scale Your Agency

3 Tips to Scale Your Agency

You've built a great business, and it's time to take it to the next level by scaling your agency, but how can you do it? There are plenty of top agents in the industry who have figured out the tips and tricks of the trade to scale their agencies, and you can benefit from their wisdom by following these three tips on scaling your agency.

Get the Most From Your Leadsphoto-1551288049-bebda4e38f71-1

To get the most from your leads, you will need to prioritize them. Implementing a smart lead management system can help your agency in these ways:

  • It ranks your prospects, so you only spend time and money calling the most valuable leads.
  • It tells you when to call by keeping track of x-dates, competitor rates, and claims falling off.
  • It automates follow-ups by sending new leads SMS or email messages so you can quote hot leads as soon as possible.

Measure and Track ROI

It's important to know your return on investment (ROI) for each marketing source. Many agents buy lead lists, use them once, and then don't look at them again. To maximize your ROI, you need a system that tracks the source, each contact, and the close rates over the long term.

Some sources, like internet leads, have a lower close rate in the short term but will produce results down the road with consistent follow-up. Each source - from purchasing leads to Google/Facebook ads to mailers - will vary, so it is vital to track them. 

Focus on Data

Leverage a lead management system to store and track your data. The best agents gather thousands of points of underwriting data in their systems and use that data to convert their most valuable prospects into customers. Your system gets smarter as you add more data, becoming more powerful with each lead and quote entered. For example, you can rank and prioritize your leads using information like x-dates and competitor rates, and you can also set up text and email workflows to significantly increase your close rates.

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