3 Places To Look For A Niche Insurance Market

3 Places To Look For A Niche Insurance Market

Sometimes, thinking big means narrowing your business boundaries and exploring the vast possibilities of a niche market. How do you choose a niche market? You play to your strengths!

Where To Look For A Niche Insurance Market

There are three places you can look for a niche market and find industry insights, as an independent agent:

  • Yourself
  • Your Carriers
  • Your Local Area

Play To Your Strengths

digital-sustainability-tech-carbon-footprintChoose a niche market you have a connection with, either from professional experience or through your network. You want to become an expert in your niche area. The more knowledge and insight you bring, the quicker you can position yourself as the go-to independent insurance agent in that niche area.

Look to Your Carriers

Affordable American Insurance members have access to the top A-rated carriers in the country. Research each carrier to understand where they are most successful. Are they popular with particular industry areas or demographics? Look for carrier strengths to find niche areas where you can excel.

Similarly, you can also look for industries and demographics that feel underrepresented with carriers and fill that gap. 

Look to Your Local Area

The stronger your connection to your local area, the more successful you will be as an independent insurance agent. Research the industries and demographics in your local area to find a niche market. 

Customize a niche market to suit your local area's personal and professional needs and fellow citizens. Look for areas where you can dominate and position yourself as an expert.  Underserved markets are a great place to start if are willing to learn about the field and become an insurance expert in that particular segment.

Performing local research to find a niche will give you unique insights into the lives and needs of your potential client, allowing you to personalize your services. 

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